What is a Chocoholic?

If you think chocolate is a food group - you may be a chocoholic

I believe chocolate is a comfort food, when we can eat it morning, noon and dinner we are chocoholics. 

chocoholic is a person who craves or compulsively consumes chocolate. Though compared to some additctions, chocoholics are not prone to accidents in their cars, or have hallucinations.

 "There's recent research on brain chemistry that suggests people might become addicted to foods, but there's no solid data," says Gerard J. Musante, PhD, a pioneer in the treatment of obesity. "Any pleasurable experience produces those kinds of brain chemistries. It's part of the human condition."

But all kidding aside, dark chocolate does have all the anti-oxidants our body needs. My doctor told me to eat 2 squares of dark chocolate a day, I just eat a teaspoon of my chocolate. 

What is a Chocoholic?
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