Spread the Chocolate Love

Spread the Chocolate Love

Spread the Chocolate Love!TM

Our product is a spread.  It is not a sauce.

About Our Gourmet, Dark Chocolate Spreads

Our luxurious, gourmet dark chocolate spreads are the result of the perfect pairing of our chocolate and carefully selected, pureed fruits.

The lip-smacking, can't put the jar down experience is due to the perfection of a 3 old secret family chocolate recipes, experimentation and recipe refinement.

Carefully creating our own chocolate in small batches and gently blending in the natural, pureed fruits yields a make your tongue slap your brain, smooth and silky sensation that will please even the most discriminating palate!

You can feel good about indulging because of significant dark chocolate health benefits!

Made with Good Old Fashioned Love!

We care about the people that we serve, and caring is loving.  We love what we do, we love our chocolate and we love you, too.

Spread the Chocolate Love!

How You Can Spread the Chocolate Love, too

  • When you are enjoying our luxurious, dark chocolate spread you are spreading love, friends.
  • When you buy one of our gift baskets as a gift of love, you are spreading the chocolate love.
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