My order just arrived and it is in perfect condition. Thank you so much for handling this in such a prompt, professional and generous manner.  Business owners like you are the reason I love dealing with local, small businesses.  You certainly went above and beyond to take care of this in a way that leaves me delighted to be your customer.

Ms. Martha
Stone Mountain, GA

I have just opened my first jar of Chocolate Jelly Farms gourmet chocolate spread.  I've got more than one flavor, but I selected orange and grabbed the granny smith apple that I had brought for lunch.  It is great!

I used to use natural peanut butter, but I like the chocolate much better, plus Chocolate Jelly Farms chocolate spread only has 1/2 the calories of the peanut butter and only 1/2 as many calories from fat!

Douglas E. Nevill, Sr.
Port Angeles, Washington

Dorothy Jean Thomas-Breon published a post on Chocolate Jelly Farms: "LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tomato butter!!!!!!!"

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