Dark Chocolate Spreads

Our luxurious, gourmet dark chocolate spreads are the result of the perfect pairing of our chocolate and carefully selected, pureed fruits.

The lip-smacking, can't put the jar down experience is due to the perfection of 3 Old family chocolate recipes, experimentation and recipe refinement.

Carefully creating our own chocolate in small batches and gently blending in the natural, pureed fruits yields a make your tongue slap your brain, smooth and silky sensation that will please even the most discriminating palate!

You can feel good about indulging because of significant dark chocolate health benefits!

Take care of yourself and spread the chocolate love!

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Amaretto – Strong almond liquor and chocolate. This flavor is wonderful in my coffee or over warm cake.

Cherry – Tastes just like chocolate covered cherries. Chocolate covered cherries never tasted so good. Try this with toast and butter. How about a cherry chocolate pie.

Cherry Rum - Dark cherry chocolate with a rum, just tastes fancy. The chocolate and rum flavor is so good in my coffee or over ice cream.

Chocolate Chocolate – All dark chocolate not bitter! Smooth and melt in your mouth. Some of my customers love to warm this and use as a dip for fruit. Their children love it.

Espresso – Heavy coffee & dark chocolate. Tastes just like chocolate covered coffee beans. I use this in my coffee and dip my biscotti in. try this as a hot fudge, its great.

Irish Cream – The liquor comes out strong in taste. I like a mocha latte with this chocolate. Makes you want to dance a jig. How about over a waffle in the morning.

Orange – Luscious oranges and chocolate mmmm. Most everyone likes oranges and chocolate, well this is the premium taste you will love. I like this with a bagel and cream cheese. I bake this in croissants with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

Peppermint – Fresh & good mint taste (Seasonal – Oct. Nov. Dec.) can be special ordered. If you like peppermint chocolate you will love this taste. Not too minty. My granddaughter loves to make hot chocolate with this flavor.

Raspberry - If you love raspberries you will love this chocolate. Breakfast over toast or pancakes or in my coffee. Lunch over warm cookies. Dinner baked with chicken or over fruit.

Spicy - Just enough pepper to make eating this chocolate a delight. Try this as a dip put cream cheese on a plate pour spicy over it and put chips around the side. Or I hear this is wonderful over ribs. Give it a try.

Strawberry - Like strawberries dipped in chocolate. Try this with oatmeal or on toast with bananas and peanut butter. In milk or warm fresh pound cake.

Blueberry Port Sauce - (9oz) Luscious blueberries and rich port. NO chocolate. this sauce is much used as a syrup for pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cake, over pork or chicken.

Tomato Butter - (16oz) A tomato mixture made spicy & good. Wonderful on just about everything. We like this on biscuits in the morning and as a pepper jelly in the afternoons. Also I baste my ribs with this and put as a condiment on the table. I use this as a spread on my sandwiches like turkey and even on salads. One of my customers uses this on her salads. It is tasty on anything.

Dark Chocolate Spreads
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