Chocolate Jelly Farms

So, what's with the name "Chocolate Jelly Farms"?

We selected the name Chocolate Jelly Farms because ... 

In 2005 one of the plates I was to bring fudge to our Christmas dinner with our children. In my hurry to make the fudge I did not cook it long enough and it was just too soft so I put it in a jar, my children loved my fudge so I took the chance it would be eaten anyway and it was. My son-in-law took a spoon and started to eat the fudge. He said "fudge in a jar could be called chocolate jelly". I laughed and he got his fudge.

In 2007 when I invented this spread I needed a name and remembered the name Mike had given the fudge. So Here we are and loving every minute.

Thanks for the interest.

Chocolate Jelly Farms
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